SEO ecommerce strategies – Applying them without being a pro

We have to keep in mind that SEO depends on a number of strategies and applications, so that your online store or website was to receive organic traffic. That way, it generates in customers as you move forward with your venture or business.

Let’s remember that he ecomerce is that digital window that we have, for what other people, they can visit your online or digital store. That way we will find, that a transaction is made by the sale of products signs is ida stop a physical site or to complement the physical site.

In any case, when both definitions come together forming the SEO ecommerce brings with it the optimization of these techniques that many cases, we hire a professional to make this a reality.

Importance of the ecommerce SEO Guide

Now we know that when we are starting out, it is difficult to hire professionals mostly because we don’t have the necessary budget. The importance of these tips and guides that we will give you below, is so that you can implement the SEO ecommerce strategies yourself at least to start.

However, it is logical that you should know a little bit of programming and design, but you can also learn along the way, although this does not always mean money, you will need time. The revolution of digital stores has made us see the beauty of what are the big online stores, we leave you some examples of those that have been the most successful:

  1. Maaji which is located in the United States.
  2. Amazon that, although born in the United States, extends with the possibility of acquiring a product in various parts of the world.  
  3. We can also name, the applications or web stores of home delivery that exist worldwide, where they take your order to your home.

On top of everything else, behind all or most of the successful and digital-first stores, there is a success story. Which in turn proves that e-commerce strategies are the boom of the moment! 

How does e-commerce benefit my store?

You have probably started your business or entrepreneurship empirically, and that usually our niche unknowingly has great global impact. Which can represent for us small or big advantages. All framed in what we are in a revolutionary era, where the search engine solves 95% of our problems, giving us information. Therefore, we must give people who have a problem, a solution.

When these stores, they examine the work they have done to improve it, depending on where they are failing and look to persist more on the e-commerce strategies that do work. Then they realize that they have gained a lot of benefits. Some advantages are:

You need little capital

Few companies understand that e-commerce is very useful, because when you start a business with little capital, it is necessary to save as much as possible. Even many times, we do not have a physical business, because we can not pay rent or rent. That’s why you start from home or garage, but in this case you will have a virtual window.

The website works 24 hours a day

People will have the service of self-service to see the different models, prices, specifications and all the information you put on the website. But at the time they can, without the need to visit the store. Which makes it 100% more advantageous than a physical store.

Longer distance customers

An individual normally looks for a store that is close to their location. In very few cases would he travel from one city to another, to see your products. But if you have a website or online store, he can make a purchase and have it shipped to him. No matter where he is, he can access your product.

Different ways of payment

The payment method of a physical store is very limited. Due to payment gateways and how to implement the secure way on your website, people have different ways to pay for the product. Giving them the benefit, that they can purchase it more easily, in the comfort of their home, pay for it however they want which will make it very likely that your product will sell.

Online shop or website generates more trust

The trust that the customer receives when you have a website and not only use social networks, is much more potential. What makes you enter to buy and be sure of the sale, without having a doubt or thing to think about. You provide security to the buyer.

Attract potential customers

If you work on your e-commerce strategy in a professional way you will be able to capture potential customers. Because organic traffic will eventually get, with e-commerce strategies people who want to read and get interested, by the product.

3 essential techniques to apply e-commerce SEO

Without going any further, we will leave you with the essential and specific techniques on what you should do, so that your product sells and your digital store can be displayed in the right way.

You must set goals

An easy way to understand this is that goals help us know where we are going and everything we need to do to get there. When we say «we are going to sell 100 products, we have to strive and improve everything we need to do along the way. But they have to meet three characteristics:

  1. They must be specific, you must specify which sales you want to make.
  2. They must also be measurable, set an amount to know how far we are from getting there.
  3. The achievable, is when it is fixed, but it is not an impossible figure. You can go marking if the amount is very large, small achievements.
  4. Realistic that these are possible, that they are not sub-realistic and even if they mean surpassing past sales, I don’t know something so far above it.
  5. Determine the time, in which I will do it.

Define which keywords your products recognize

In SEO there are tools that allow you to know what are the keywords of a specific fact.

This means that it is exactly what a person is going to search, therefore, we can say that for SEO strategy for e-commerce, it is essential to know these details to develop a plan. Because at the time of creating content, you know what you should place, so that the search engine identifies it and that potential customer visits your online store.

Have an easily accessible home page

Although this would also involve the issue of the URL being easy to write and also have the name of your store, you must take into account the following factors:

  1. The website must have a page in which people can get the entire catalog of your products with a click.
  2. In the same way, the website should have the possibility to lead people to a blog, where you have information about your products or interesting topics. In addition, so that a link is made, which allows traffic to increase.
  3. You should never forget the contact page where you should have your social networks, phone number and address if applicable. Personally I recommend that on this page also find the recommendations of customers.

This way it will be more than enough, counting on which SEO strategies are enough to help you structure your store. Starting with the most important factors you should take into account in order not to fail in the first attempt.

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