Pay per click advertising google (Google Shopping)

Google Shopping is a network created by the Google company, this company started in 2011, it was created with the purpose of offering products online in a tangible way.

Google Shopping was created with the purpose of providing a better experience to users who are looking for how to make their purchases online, since when typing a keyword in the search engine, it will offer them different alternatives of the product they are looking for, offering the price and characteristics of this product. , without the need to load any of the results windows as used to be done in a traditional way, through the article we will tell you in more detail about some of the excellent options offered by this company and how your company can benefit from it.

What is Google Shopping?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the content, Google shopping is a tool created by Google, the ideas of Google shopping could be summarized that its main function is to serve as a counter, this will allow the user to make a more exact comparison of the different available suppliers, among the information provided we find the following name, description, price, promotions, availability, among others.

Features of Google Shopping Ads

How can we know if Google is offering us this type of ads, when you search the internet from your computer, you will see that on the right side of your screen a column will appear with different options of the product you are looking for, Google does this with The purpose of providing better options to the customer and that you can compare it to decide which is your best option when making the purchase, in the following image we show you an example of how Google Shopping offers different options to a certain user, who is interested in making the purchase of a security camera

What is needed to use Google Shopping?

-Online store: the first thing is that you are registered in some of the platforms that allow you to create an online store (it can be Woocommerce, Shopify) we recommend, use Shopify since it is easier to integrate with Google ADS

Google Merchant Center: It is very important to note that Shopping ads work differently from search ads, the first mentioned works on the information inserted when creating the product. The information is added in the Product Feed, The Product Feed is an XML file, where the information of your products is detailed, be it title, price, brand, size, etc.

Once you have configured your product, you must connect it with Google ADS, as we mentioned before, using an online sales platform is very beneficial since it allows you to integrate it more easily.

Google Ads: When you create your Merchant Center account, you must link it to your Google ADS account, after this we can create the campaign: Then we select the objective of the campaign, which is sales, the type of Google Shopping campaign, then we go to request our Merchant Center account and the country where we want to show the ads.

What are the advantages of using this system

Generate reports: You can perform a complete tracking of the products, as well as how much has been sold, which product has the most demand, products that were added to the cart, but the purchase was not completed

Really interested customers: Your products are found, when the user performs a search, this means that, when they find your products, you really have a good chance that the purchase will be completed successfully, since they are looking for a specific product.

Better user experience: Customers will be able to make a purchase without having to navigate through websites, improving the user experience, which will allow retention and opportunity to Purchase to be much greater.

Confidence and security when making the purchase: Google is one of the oldest platforms, Internet users are more familiar with it.

We hope that this information has been useful to you, if so, share it with your friends so that they find out about this new system.

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