How to add payment methods in Facebook ad accounts?

Knowing how you can add payment methods to Facebook ad accounts is one of the most important steps for your business on this platform with millions of active users.
How to use this opportunity available from Facebook is really valuable for your sales. Therefore, below, we will explain how to do it from the first step. Next.

Steps to add payment methods in Facebook ad accounts step by step

Millions of people add payment methods to Facebook ad accounts to generate direct sales, and you can too by following these simple steps:

As it refers to adding a payment method, it requires the handling of confidential information, therefore, you must first take into account the following warnings:

– In order for Facebook to accept your payment method, it is relevant that the only person who can perform this operation must be the owner or administrator of the advertising account.

– Facebook is not responsible if you do not follow the security guidelines.

-Check which are the payment methods that the Facebook platform supports to be added so that customers can make their virtual purchases.

Once you have the above suggestions in mind, learn how to add payment methods in Facebook advertising accounts, in simple steps:

-Start your session on the platform with your password and username, you can do it from your computer or laptop.

-Locate the “AD MANAGEMENT” option in the drop-down menu at the top left.

– Now locate the three stripes in the upper left part and among its drop-down options select the button «ADVERTISING ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION»

– Locate the option «PAYMENT CONFIGURATION» in the vertical menu.

– In the main menu, click on “ADD PAYMENT METHODS”.

– Enter the requested payment information and click “NEXT”.

– You can enter tax information of your business and add the payment method of your choice.

– Then click the “NEXT” button and you will have to add details of the payment method and finish the process by clicking the “SAVE” button and that’s it.

What types of payments can you include in Facebook ad accounts

Among the payment method options in Facebook ad accounts you can use are the following:

• Credit and Debit Cards such as: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

• Also through PayPal accounts.

• Through bank accounts, only in countries that support this payment method on Facebook.

• There are countries that also accept the manual payment method and in addition to foreign currency.

Steps to add PayPal account as payment methods in Facebook ad accounts

The process of adding a PayPal address as a payment method in your Facebook advertising account is practically the same as above.
You just have to take into account the following points before starting the process when it comes to attaching PayPal as a payment method:

• If you want to have PayPal, you should know that it is only available to those users who have registered automatic payments, otherwise you will not have access to this option.

• Verify well if your PayPal account allows you to accept the currency to be able to make your payment.

• Please note that your web browser must have pop-up windows enabled, otherwise you will not be allowed to access the PayPal payment option.

Now, if you take these guidelines into account, you will have more chances that the operation will be successful. You just have to follow these instructions:

• After logging in to Facebook go to “AD MANAGER SETTINGS” in the left vertical menu and click.

• In the left drop-down menu, locate the three horizontal lines and click on “ADVERTISING ACCOUNT SETTINGS”

• Now, click on “PAYMENT SETTINGS”

• Then, locate the second option on the screen called «PAYMENT METHODS» and click on the attached button «ADD PAYMENT METHOD»

• Then select “PAYPAL” and click on “NEXT”

• Then you must finish the PayPal configuration process and that’s it.

When are payments made for Facebook ad accounts?

Once you have made your payment selection for your advertising account on Facebook, keep in mind that there are two types of payment and you can choose the one that best suits you according to your needs and tastes.

These are the following:

automated payments

In this particular, Facebook will make automated debits to the address you provided in its configuration. These debits will be made automatically.

In order to have this type of payment, you must buy the advertising through your PayPal account or with any of the cards, whether credit or debit.

• Manual payment option

Depending on the area where you live, you can make deposits to the associated bank account where you must make your deposits responsibly to avoid inconveniences with your publications on the platform.

• Bank slip

This is another method that is accepted by the Facebook platform. According to the area where you are, it can be accepted. In addition, this can be an additional payment method to the others that you have already added to your advertising account.

If you apply yourself to follow these steps, surely you will be able to do a good job in your undertaking, you will be able to reach your audience with well thought-out advertisements and motivate them to buy your products or services.

Investing now in your Facebook advertising account will have benefits in the short and medium term, sales and hiring will exceed your expectations, since millions of users are always attentive to advertisements on a constant basis, which can guarantee you the success you want .

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